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Uber Bill HB 1389 Florida examined

UBER’s HB 1389 IS BIASED AND flawed:


Florida State senate’s new bill HB 1389 is filled with flaws and does not address public safety, public interests, and is aimed in advancing interests of venture funded Uber that wants to operate on their own terms. So I will begin by brief introduction of the bill, examining the bill and question some issues that require questioning and cross examination.

First the bill wants to void county government  control (taxi  and limousine Commissions, and take on the role of county governments. In another words, the state creates, amends, modifies, and enforces all  rules as they see fit for each and every county within state of Florida for the Limousine industry. This no similar as if the  federal government marched in and took control of state motor vehicle department and decide to make ONE Universal set of motor vehicular rule for all states- and even tell you that the federal government is responsible for all audits and enforcements. This is exactly what the state senate of Florida wants to do.

My first question is that do residents of Miami desire the same rules for their transportation as ones who reside in Orange County? My next question can the state government micro manage and handle consumer complaints for every county within the state of Florida? Now let us further examine the vaguely written bill.

The bill cites that limousines should be made on a pre-arrangement without specifying how far in advance shall reservation be made. The prearrangment rules were made to separate taxis from limousines, because shady operators wore limo outfit while operating a  taxis without paying for taxi permits and registering and licensing of a taxicab. Most counties taxi and livery commissions have  made prearrangemt rules 30minutes to an hour, and set minimum fares to resolve these conflicts. So what is a an advance reservation time? Bill 1389 being vaguely written seem to a disadvantage for legitimate taxi transportation companies and be in support of Uber which has been offering on demand transportation with 2minute eta, 8 minute eta’s.


In addiition, Bill 1389 fails to protect consumers from overcharges and abuses of price gouging, whereas the county commissions have set strict and clear language about overcharges. The bill vaguely writes about fare calculations to be on basis of distance and time and flat rates where necessary. The bill does not outline  devices are to be used for chauffeured cars. County commissions clearly did not allow metering instruments in chauffeured limousines to separate conflicts of interest.

The bill being vaguely written seems more intentional and in best interest of Uber.

Uber fares are being measured similar to taxis metering, and has undercut taxi rates on the UberX service. In addition, Uber has been abusing customers by price gouging them at busier times.

So the Florida Senate  needs to clarify the advance time to make a reservation just as the county taxi commissions have done. In addition, they shall set fare minimums and establish a clear policy on price gouging and overcharges. Does the state intend on a universal one size fits all minimum reservation time for all?

The bill then goes onto states that all vehicles shall be no older than ten years in service. Well this seems to be more of a taxi service, because anyone who is operating a car that old can compete with taxis.

The bill goes onto minimizing the liability insurance requirements, and replace a commercial for hire vehicle policy to a personal auto liability coverages and driver/owner of car may purchase supplemental umbrella insurance policy. Again, these rules do not mirror chauffeured luxury limousine industry. Rather it is pretty much more of a taxi disguised in a limo outfit.

This is exactly why Uber wants deregulation at state level so they can operate private driver owned cars on UberX, These private cars on UberX do not have to pay for permits, commercial for hire vehicle insuarnce policies, drug tests, and all the other costs that associated with for hire vehicle. Given them having these advantages, they can undercut taxis and operate outside rules and regulations. With taxis becoming almost extinct, then UBER can price gouge when hey want, how they want and whenever they want.

Will consumers file price gouging, driver and ompany complaints with state? Can state handle every counties needs in a timely manner as the county taxi and limo commissions do? Does the one size fits all work for all Florida? Bill 1389 should not be ratifies because it is written poorly and does not work in best interest of public, laborers, and industry.

Uber has always claimed that the industry in anti technology and does not want competition. Well why did Uber sabotage another mobile car service ordering app in November 2013 in New York by ordering cars and then canceling rides?

New Jersey Uber Driver Says He Gets ‘Short-Changed In Virtually Every Way Possible’

New Jersey Changed In Virtually Every Way Possible’


N.J., resident David Fagin tells us that much of this progress may be coming at the expense of Uber’s drivers, particularly in Northern Jersey, where it borders New York City. Due to New York City’s requirement for those providing for hire services to be licensed in accordance with NYC licensing  Taxi regulations has led to an excess of unlicensed for hire drivers and unlicensed for hire vehicles in New Jersey  — and  saturating unlicensed unregulated driver in New Jersey than the Big Apple.

Fagin says, works against Jersey Uber drivers, especially if they have to ferry passengers into New York. They’re banned from picking up fares on the way back and can get their vehicles impounded by New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission for operating unlicensed for hire vehicle and unlicensed for hire driver — and so to lose valuable driving time while stuck in traffic at the Hudson river crossings. “To drive for Uber in New Jersey is to be short-changed in virtually every way possible by an unfair and under-developed system in immediate need of revisions,” he says.  New York City TLC should allow us to pickup passengers in New York City to transport them back to New Jersey.

His comments were similar to many we’ve heard from other Uber drivers.  the folks on UberX, the cheapest of Uber’s services. Professional drivers trying to earn a full-time living have grumbled that the money is not as good as licensed  taxi cabs and licensed  livery cab service.

Josh Mohrer, general manager for Uber NY//NJ, declined to address Fagin’s claims specifically. He gave us this statement:

Since launching in November, drivers have been flocking to uberX in NJ as a flexible and lucrative way to make income without having taxi and livery insurance and plates. In the weeks and months ahead, we will continue to deliver that option to even more NJ riders and drivers – expanding the service throughout the state.

Who is Mathew W. Daus?

Who is Mathew Daus?

Mathew Daus is a friend of the transportation industry who also served as a Commissioner of the New York Taxi & Limousine Commission. Many within industry and the New York Taxi and livery market found that he served as a competent commissioner who heard the voice of the industry and made rules and regulations equitably to serve public and industry.

Matthew W. Daus

Matthew W. Daus’ practice focuses on transportation law, counseling clients on a broad range of matters including regulatory compliance, strategic planning, procurement, litigation, administrative law and public policy. Within this area Mr. Daus coordinates representation on a wide array of legal needs and services representing ground transportation and related businesses. Mr. Daus also practices in the area of employment law, advising employers concerning the hiring and discharge of employees, employment discrimination laws and general personnel and policy matters.

Before joining Windels Marx to lead its Transportation practice, Mr. Daus served as Commissioner and Chairman of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (“TLC”) for eight and one half years, appointed by Mayors Giuliani, Bloomberg and the New York City Council. Prior to his tenure as the TLC’s longest serving Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Daus served as General Counsel to the Commission and Deputy Commissioner for Legal Affairs since 1998, and before that, as Special Counsel to the TLC Chair – supervising over 75 lawyers and Administrative Law Judges. Mr. Daus also served as General Counsel to the New York City Community Development Agency (now the Department of Youth and Community Development), Special Counsel to the New York City Trade Waste Commission (now the Business Integrity Commission), and as a Prosecutor for the New York City Commission on Human Rights.

In 2010, Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Council appointed Mr. Daus as a Commissioner of the New York City Civil Service Commission, an independent quasi-judicial agency that hears and decides employee candidate, disciplinary, and involuntary medical leave appeals under the New York State Civil Service Law. Additionally, the President of the New York State Bar Association appointed Mr. Daus to serve on its Committee on Civil Rights.

Mr. Daus serves as a Distinguished Lecturer with the City University of New York’s (“CUNY’s”) Transportation Research Center (“UTRC”) at The City College of New York. In addition to lecturing at CUNY on sustainable transportation, transportation policy, and business law. Mr. Daus speaks internationally on a broad range of transportation topics. He also is currently the President of the International Association of Transportation Regulators (“IATR”).

Mr. Daus is a member of several non-profit boards serving as President of Community Understanding for Racial and Ethnic Equality (“CURE”), as Co-Chairman of the Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation and board member of Big Apple Greeter and the 2011 World Police and Fire Games. He also served for over eight years on the Board of NYC & Co. (the City’s tourism, marketing, convention and visitors bureau) and for several years on the Board of Brooklyn Dreams Charter School.

Disney Gay Days Orlando- 2014

Since 1991, gay men and lesbians from around the world have converged in and around Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for the Disney Gay Days, an entire weekend of exciting events centered around area theme parks and attractions.

Gay Day Orlando attendance has grown considerably, attracting more than 100,000 gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, family and friends since 1998.

This year Gay Days 24th Gay Days Orlando at The Parliament House on Tuesday, June 3rd. Enjoy music, a fashion show, and special performances by Parliament House entertainers and this year’s Miss Gay Days Pageant contestants. General admission tickets are for cash bar. VIP tickets include open bar and food and are available by advance purchase only. All tickets include admission to The Parliament House late night parties that same night.

The 24th Annual Gay Days Orlando is adding an exciting new event on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, the Miss Gay Days Pageant.

Contestants will be vying for the crown, cash prizes, and the opportunity to represent Gay Days®, Inc. at parties and festivals throughout the following year.  Coco Montrese, of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas fame, will be hosting this phenomenal evening filled with glamour, villainy, sickening performances and the crowning of Miss Gay Days 2014

Presented by Gay Days Orlando at the Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld.  A taste of beer. wines and foods is  another “tasty” evening celebrating the flavors of Central Florida.  Sip your way though fine wines, beers, and spirits and nibble on hors d’ouerves, while enjoying music, a dance floor, and silent auction.

More importantly while attending the Gay Day 2014 in Orlando Florida, drink responsibly and avoid drinking and driving. Make advance reservations for taxi, shuttle, car service or limo while enjoying visit in Orlando Florida.

Kosher Restaurants in Orlando FL,

Does one have to be Jewish in order to try some good Kosher Food? There are no prerequisites to dine out at some Kosher restaurants while visiting Orlando Florida. Anyone who just wants to eat some good clean meal and have a peace of mind try these following Kosher restaurants while visiting in Orlando, Florida.

Lower East Side Restaurant 2.0:

Tel #: 407-465-0565 –

Lower East side came to  Orlando 20 years ago, has served so far, more than 1,085,000 meals, here in the Magic City. Dedicated service for Kosher Traveler and his/hers needs: like Shul, Glatt Kosher food and accommodations (hotels and villas), for groups, families, individuals and conventions.

Parallel to the Dine-in at the restaurant, they have developed a service for the growing demand of the Specialty Food, serving most of the fine Hotels and Five Star Restaurants, all under “one hat”, wearing the “other hat”.



  • Located 8-miles north of Disney World, or a plesant 10-minute drive by car from Blue Heron.
  • R’ Yosef Koniknov
  • 7504 Universal Blvd.
  • Orlando, FL 32819
  • (407) 354-3660
  • Orlando, FL 32836

Orlando Shul & Beit Medrash

  • Located One-Mile from Blue Heron, it is a 20-minute walking distance on Shabbos.
  • Shacharis: Sunday – Friday at 7:30 AM
  • Mincha: 15 min before Shekiha
  • Maariv: One hour after Mincha
  • Shabbos & Chagim/Yom Tov: Please Call 407-238–7755
  • 8550 Palm Parkway
  • Orlando, FL 32836

Jerusalem Kosher Restaurant

  • 366 W Granada Blvd
  • Ormond Beach (Daytona Beach), FL 32174
  • (386) 671-0033
  • Separate Milk/Meat restaurant & Grocery w/ Cholov Yisroel Milk & Cheese.
  • (60 minute drive from Orlando).

Kosher Culinary Orlando

  • Phone: 407-354-1296
  • Address: 7508 Universal Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819
  • Hours of Operation: Sunday to Thursday 2pm – 10pm, Friday 12pm – 5pm, Saturday Closed
  • Located on Universal Blvd, convenient to convention center, attractions and resorts.
  • Kosher Culinary caters to your gastronomic needs with the freshest products.
  • All production is done under Mashgiach supervision. Meats are Glatt Kosher and Chassidishe Shechita, breads are Pas Yisrael


Kosher Traveler Tips:

Traveling to a very popular vacation area is very exciting and fun, but at the same time keeping to Kosher dietary laws make it somewhat challenging. Kosher food is by far the largest challenge. Good News! Kosher food is available and it is easy to find.

Our advice is to call the above establishments and get a good understanding of what you can buy from them.

The Lower East Side Grill is by far the closest to both our resorts and Disney World and pretty much has everything you may need. As a start they sell boxed lunches and dinners which are perfect for all your day trips to parks etc. They have a full size meat restaurant and an on site shul ( Dinner/Mincha & Marriv- sounds great).

Cholov Yisroel milk is also available in Orlando, please ask for availability. On Thursdays and Fridays they sell a full Shabbas take out menu so you don’t have to cook while on vacation. The other restaurants sound great and offer Shabbos food as well as Disney meals.





Orlando Florida Attractions- 40 places to visit

Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World theme parks attract millions to the Orlando, Florida area every year.  We love the energy of the big parks, however we wonder if there are  other fun and interesting things to do and see in “The City Beautiful.”

Should you travel to Central Florida area for the day, a weekend or longer, try visiting any of these 40 places to get a real taste of the real Orlando.

1. Ride out to see the  Orlando Magic basketball game or see a concert in the new Amway Arena.

2. Shop at a bevy of premium outlet malls.

3. Visit the Morse Museum of American Art and marvel at the Tiffany glassworks.

4. Visit the beautiful scenic Lake Eola and feed the ducks and swans.

5. Drink,  and dine  upscale shops on Winter Park’s Park Avenue Historical District.

6. See a movie and get a nice meal at  Plaza Cinema Café.

7. Experience the pontoon boat ride through Lake Osceola and gaze at lovely historic homes and natural Florida beauty on the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour.

8. Visiingt the Mennello Museum of American Folk Art and admire paintings by artist Earl Cunningham.

9. Dine at TheRavenous Pig restaurant and ask for some “ugly ends.”

10. Paddle the swan boats around Lake Eola.

11. enjoy the 150,000-square-feet of shopping and fun, and a 7,000-gallon super aquarium by visiting Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World

12. See endangered amur leopards and other fascinating animals at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

13. Shop and till you drop at the Mall at Millenia.

14. Explore  like a scientist by visiting the Orlando Science Center- learn about the mysteries of outer space at the Crosby Observatory.

15. Forget the Diet and have a cupcake at Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly bakery, created by owner Hollis Wilder, a two-time winner of The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.

16. Dress elegantly and take an i4 Orlando Mercedes Benz to visit the Bob Carr Theater.

17. Treat yourself a gourmet burger at Hamburger Mary’s on Historic Church Street.

18. Walk, jog, bike or roller blade around Lake Baldwin.

19. Hey sushi fans come try sushi nd other fine Japanese cuisine at Ichiban downtown.

20. Tour the picturesque Rollins College campus in Winter Park.

21. Bowl, dance, play video games and more at the Firkin & Kegler Family Entertainment Center.

22. Visit Wells’ Built Museum of African American History.

23.  Hire i4 Limo so you can enjoy dinner and drinks your movie at the Enzian Theatre

24. Explore the city on the 3 ½-mile Cady Way Park and Trail.

25. Health conscious with a vegan meal and some delicious brew at Dandielion Communitea Café.

26. Visit Pioneer Museum and trace Osceola County’s history.

27. Enjoy 700 acres of wild Florida at Wekiwa Springs State Park.

28.  Come and visit the Holocaust Memorial Center, one of the oldest Holocaust museums in the nation, founded in 1982.

29. Explore three miles of paved scenic walkways through 50 acres of Old Florida-styled gardens at Harry P. Leu Gardens.

30. Don’t have to go to Asia to try Vietnamese cuisine- try the finest at Little Saigon.

31. Visit Cornell Fine Arts Museum located on the Rollins College campus in Winter Park.

32. Tour the internationally acclaimed Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens.

33. Visit the Tupperware Museum of Historic Food Containers.

34. Hike through 5.22-acre Kraft Azalea Garden.

35. Play miniature golf at Congo River Adventure Golf and explore caves and waterfalls in a lush tropical environment.

36. Interact with animals at the Green Meadows Petting Farm.

37. Visit the Train Land International Trolley & Train Museum, with one of the nation’s largest indoor tracks.

38. Cook your own food at the table on a sizzling rock or in a boiling pot at Colorado Fondue.

39. Get close to Florida’s favorite reptile at Gatorland, the Alligator Capital of the World.

40. Walk, sit and dream under the sprawling old oak on Princeton Ave., believed to be around 800 years old.


Uber Review NYC are less than 3 stars despite self written Uber reviews

Uber Review NYC are less than 3 stars despite self written Uber Reviews

Despite Uber’s hundreds of self written reviews, and positive paid press releases, Uber cannot  rank higher than 3.0 star ratings. With all of the combined reviews on Yelp and other web directories, Uber can not  obtain an average rating greater than 3.0. While some of the positive reviews may be helpful, but there are too many positive reviews which are more of self written promotional Uber ads. These self promos all have one thing in common.

All of these positive 5 star reviews suggest the same thing, and all offer a $20.00 promotional code within the review. Examples of similarity are, how Uber is better and cheaper than taxis, or the exceptional driver experiences about Uber drivers and how Uber drivers offer in car amenities. Towards the end, they all have $20.00 sign up promo codes.  So these reviews seem to be questionable, however they do help boost the average rating for Uber. Then there are negative reviews written on Uber.

Some of these negative reviews are funny, but most of these negative reviews are unique from one another and they present legitimate concerns. For example,  negative reviews address Uber drivers lack of experience, price gouging,  drivers canceling rides causing  consumers to be stranded and or late, shady drivers taking longer routes, sexual harassment, and other issues.  Lets start by examining three positive and three negative reviews extracted from Yelp’s online directory in the NY section.


  1. Uber is an awesome car service. Such a GREAT concept. Nice drivers and clean cars and it’s half the price of a cab. They pick you up quickly. I will never call a yellow cab again! Download the app and use promo code UEU5B for $20 in FREE ride credits for new sign-ups. Wriiten by Steve B on March 29th 2014Yelp NY

  2. solid. just saved either 20 or 30 bucks by taking this from the airport. also – use the promo code “kiqne” gives u 20 bucks off the first ride. Thx written by Jake S. On March 28th 2014-Yelp-NY

  3. I would HIGHLY recommend Uber, above all other car services to people of ANY financial background. Uber gives three options: UberX (cheapest normal cars), black (luxury), and luxury SUV. They don’t just cater to young people–they cater to anybody. The greatest parts of Uber: 1. Free drinks in the car many times 2. All transactions are electronic 3. You can track where your ride is coming from with an estimated time arrival via the application’s GPS 4. Tip is optional 5. You can get $20 FOR FREE just by signing up now! Once you try it you’ll know what I’m talking about. Just register and leave the $20 for when you’ll need it, because the credits stay in your account whether you download the application or not. Here is the $20 promotion code:

NEGATIVE REVIEWS: (2 star and below- Yelp does not allow reviews less than 1 star)

  1. I was a huge fan of Uber for quite some time but the recent quality of drivers, ridiculous surge pricing and decline in overall customer service has changed my mind. After a particularly terrible experience this morning, I have deleted the app and will not give them one more cent of my money. Written by Amber B. On March 13th 2014Yelp NY

  2. Uber totally sucks!! Don’t depend on their customer support team if you’re in an urgent situation and something goes wrong. I’ve been stranded for FOUR hours and I haven’t received an email reply addressing my inability to request a ride through the app. They could care less about their customers and don’t respond in a “timely fashion” as they promise they would. It’s almost the end of the business day and Im still stuck outside waiting in the cold

    written by Chris P. On February 12th 2014Yelp NY

  3. I took a taxi ride home on a Saturday night, but not particularly late (just past midnight). I selected to be picked up through the UberX program, which is allegedly the least expensive option. I took my taxi just over 4 miles to my home and was appalled to see that $48 had been taken from my card (on automatic payment with Uber’s program) to pay for the ride. This struck me as an absurd amount of money, particularly after having made the same journey several times before, and thus expecting a total of $15-$17.
    The receipt detailed this to be due to a 3.75 surge charge, of which I was NOT notified before or upon entering the cab. Had I known this surge charge would exist, I would have taken literally any other mode of transportation home. What could possibly be the reason to charge an unknown customer 3.75 times the normal fare for a 4 mile journey? It wasn’t Halloween. It wasn’t raining or snowing. It wasn’t 3 in the morning. It wasn’t New Years Eve.
    When I filed a complaint with Uber (over email, as they do not care enough about their customer service to invest in a phone line), it took several tries for them to respond. When they did, it took much arguing to convince them to reduce the rate. Even still, they only reduced the rate by 20%, bringing my total to $38, which is still over DOUBLE the normal amount.
    Uber has proven themselves to be dishonest and to have poor customer service. I will never make the mistake of using this service again and neither should you.

    Written by Melodie P. On December 17th 2013NY Yelp


We have been examining Uber’s ratings since 2011 to better understand Uber’s business model. Over the years, we have discovered the  positive reviews were very common and are more an advert for Uber, whereas the negative reviews present legitimate concerns. Despite the 5 star reviews written by Uber, the average rating for Uber has been between 2.5 and 3.5 on a given month. I find more troubling is when Uber claiming that any one of  their drivers who fall below 4.6 out of a perfect 5.0  are deactivated from their driver network.  If this were to be true, why are people posting negative reviews  and about their poor experiences? Why are these negative reviews found in NY,  San Francisco, Austin TX and so many other city searches on Yelp and other online directories? Are all of these people difficult or high maintenance in all of these cities?

How much is Marco Rubio paid as an Uber spokes person?

Florida State Senator Marco Rubio has stepped up efforts in representation for Uber, by making special trips to Washington, lobbying on behalf of Uber. How can Marco Rubio represent Uber considering that this rogue app has so many legal issues that require a resolve? Is Marco Rubio paid for lobbying on behalf of Uber? It makes no sense, how he can lobby for them knowing all the legal issues surrounding Uber.

Uber is a transportation broker, which does not own or operate, nor do they have any control on the vehicles that participate on their mobile app network.  Here are list of issues and loopholes that Uber should resolve prior to having Rubio speak on their behalf.

  1. Uber should end any and all price gouging practices- which they refer to surge pricing- and ensure users ethical business standards
  2. hire only drivers who pass a thorough criminal back round check- ensure rider safety
  3. routinely conduct drug tests on the drivers- ensure public safety
  4. inspect all cars operating on their network via an authorized and licensed  repair facility not visual inspections- ensure public safety
  5. Uber should not use the privately licensed vehicles to conduct point to point taxi services -UberX cars are not insured and licensed and registered as taxi or for hire car services
  6. Uber should resolve amicably  on outstanding lawsuits in San Francisco and Boston brought on by their former drivers who were cheated out of tips.
  7. Uber should apply for central dispatch base licenses in any municipality it wants to operate.
  8. Uber should NOT apply for central dispatch base licenses other than the name Uber Technologies. For example in New York City, they have held for hire vehicle base licenses under the names “Weitter LLC”,  “Schmeker LLC”, “Unter LLC”- this is one legal way of bypassing legal liability.
  9. Uber should carry liability insurance under their name ” Uber Technologies Inc”, not Raiser
  10. Uber should carry an insurance liability other than the insurance which is based in Bermuda and has offshore bank accounts and backed by Goldman Sachs, which has funded Uber.
  11. Uber should also settle the outstanding lawsuit against it for killing a 6 year old on New Years Eve in San Francisco, and injury others.
  12. Uber should not advertise as a taxi service if it is operating itself as a car service or a luxury limousine service.
  13. End  practice of sabotaging competitors mobile car hailing apps, ( as it has done in NYC with Gett)

Uber has other legal issues that it must resolve in Canada, France, China, and many US cities.

So the question is, how much money is Marco Rubio being paid to be the official Uber spokes person? After all, when examining Marco Rubio’s personal history of  using state credit card for personal expenses, having close ties with financial thugs. In addition, Rubio’s false claims about his families emigrating to US during Fidel Castro, whereas the records indicate that his family came 2 years prior to Castro taking over Cuba begin to raise an eyebrow on Marco Rubio.

The big question is Marco Rubio, how much money are you being paid when everyone knowing the legal issues surrounding Uber Technologies?



thatUber has encountered  criminal drivers, bypassing taxi licensing and regulations, and even not having insurance. Most recently, Uber claimed to have purchased A MILLION dollar insurance liability but withheld it’s so called liability insurance from public, until it was leaked. The

Hottest Night clubs in Orlando Florida

When one is  seeking nightlife in the sunshine state of Florida, there is our perception that  we must nightclub in Miami. Well to some extent there is some truth to this- but this does not mean that there is no Night clubs in Orlando. Orlando comes alive at night as well. If you’re in town for a meeting, you do not want to travel far, then hit Orlando’s nightclub scene, Visit these Orange County Convention Center-area clubs to experience a taste of Orlando’s exciting nightlife.

ICEBAR Here is the perfect solution for those who are overheated, ICEBAR is the largest permanent bar made of ice in the world. Fifty tons of carved ice, including ice seats and ice sculptures, create a makeshift Arctic wonderland that doubles as a vodka lover’s paradise. With the bar’s temperature fixed at a bone-chilling 27 degrees, guests are advised to visit the bar in 45-minute intervals, and are outfitted with thermal jackets and scarves before entering. If accomplishing something other than frostbite in those 45 minutes is your goal, try one of ICEBAR’s Penguin Pizz drinks — a creative, ever-changing    orlando-nightclubs-icebar_196x147

FIRE LOUNGE- Fire lounge is the bar when we are done with the winter experience at ICEBAR.

Fire Lounge is one of the Orlando area’s hottest nightclubs, with DJ Sher Khan spinning tunes to keep people partying till the wee hours of the night. Along with its colorful light show, Fire Lounge offers a full-service bar, VIP areas and bottle service.



Backstage Night Club and Sports Barorlando-nightclubs-backstage_196x147Hidden back there in the Rosen Plaza Hotel, Backstage NightClub is a high energy nightclub with Live music and the finest Orlando Theme nights. The parties range from he 70’s, 80’s, ladies night, and so much more. Backstage has something going on 7 nights a week. Featuring nightly drink specials, bottle service and VIP areas, the versatile club attracts a hip crowd of both locals and tourists. The venue also doubles as a viable option for viewing major sporting events with a collection of 6 50-inch HD televisions.

LATIN QUARTER- No Spanish speaking requirements needed to experience a Latin club. Every Thursday through Saturday, Latin Quarter turns into Orlando’s most popular Latin club. Visitors from all over the world flock to Orlando’s Universal CityWalk venue to show off their best salsa and merengue dance moves — and to bear witness to the impressive spectacle on the Latin Quarter patio. Fueled by top salsa and reggaeton music, the dancing routinely goes all night long, alongside a full-service bar that lets patrons refresh with tasty Latin-inspired drinks including  mojitos, sangria and daiquiris


LUX- Lux for Luxury. Today we are living in a day when we text LOL and LMAO, so Luxury bar made it easy by calling their bar LUX. Lux lives up to its name by providing a swanky nightclub experience fully equipped with live DJs, VIP tables and bottle service. Equal parts dance club and ultra-lounge, Lux accommodates people who want to dance the night away or just sit back and pop bottles. It’s not uncommon for club promoters to plan specialty nights, including white parties for LGBT communities, bottles and bikini parties, as well as the very popular Carnival-style soca raves. orlando-nightclubs-lux_196x147

enjoy the night life while staying in Orlando, drink responsibly, and please do not drink and drive. Please arrange a taxi, car service or a limo in advance for any and all of your nightlife in Orlando.

Lux Night Club

Florida Limo Service Operators seeing more revenue growth

ORLANDO, Fla. — Besides California and Nevada, no other state took the recession harder than Florida. It was a Ground Zero for the mortgage bubble collapse, which burst across the state.

Although the slump officially ended in June 2009, the recovery has been slow and bumpy for the Florida limo service operators. Today, all indicators are turning positive for the future of the chauffeured transportation industry.
During a January visit to Florida operators and industry suppliers in the Tampa Bay area, Orlando, Ft. Myers and Miami, the mood was upbeat as business has increased statewide. Of course, not all operators are smiling — especially some small-fleet companies that grind it out every day for tight profit margins, but generally the business for 2014 and beyond is healthy, interviewees say.

In addition to a general uptick in the state’s economy, other contributing factors spurring growth for private transportation operators include increases in tourism, conventions (slightly), airport expansion, corporate business and farm-out business.

Orlando, the biggest region for tourism, has had three straight record years, welcoming more than 57 million visitors in 2013. It has been cited as one of the fastest growing cities in the country, now topping two million residents. The Miami region is recovering as high-end visitors from South America, Russia and Europe don’t blink at $1,000 per night luxury hotels and some rent penthouse suites, such as one at The Setai, that costs a mere $32,000 — per night. Further north, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is undergoing a $2.3-billion expansion, which will better compete against the bustling Miami International Airport.

On the flip side, Florida operators also are paying more for airport fees and fuel. A surge in insurance costs is a common topic of concern coupled with the state’s recent stepped up enforcement — and fines — on operators who are not DOT compliant.

to read the entire article on LCT Magazine: click here