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Hottest Night clubs in Orlando Florida

When one is  seeking nightlife in the sunshine state of Florida, there is our perception that  we must nightclub in Miami. Well to some extent there is some truth to this- but this does not mean that there is no Night clubs in Orlando. Orlando comes alive at night as well. If you’re in town for a meeting, you do not want to travel far, then hit Orlando’s nightclub scene, Visit these Orange County Convention Center-area clubs to experience a taste of Orlando’s exciting nightlife.

ICEBAR Here is the perfect solution for those who are overheated, ICEBAR is the largest permanent bar made of ice in the world. Fifty tons of carved ice, including ice seats and ice sculptures, create a makeshift Arctic wonderland that doubles as a vodka lover’s paradise. With the bar’s temperature fixed at a bone-chilling 27 degrees, guests are advised to visit the bar in 45-minute intervals, and are outfitted with thermal jackets and scarves before entering. If accomplishing something other than frostbite in those 45 minutes is your goal, try one of ICEBAR’s Penguin Pizz drinks — a creative, ever-changing    orlando-nightclubs-icebar_196x147

FIRE LOUNGE- Fire lounge is the bar when we are done with the winter experience at ICEBAR.

Fire Lounge is one of the Orlando area’s hottest nightclubs, with DJ Sher Khan spinning tunes to keep people partying till the wee hours of the night. Along with its colorful light show, Fire Lounge offers a full-service bar, VIP areas and bottle service.



Backstage Night Club and Sports Barorlando-nightclubs-backstage_196x147Hidden back there in the Rosen Plaza Hotel, Backstage NightClub is a high energy nightclub with Live music and the finest Orlando Theme nights. The parties range from he 70’s, 80’s, ladies night, and so much more. Backstage has something going on 7 nights a week. Featuring nightly drink specials, bottle service and VIP areas, the versatile club attracts a hip crowd of both locals and tourists. The venue also doubles as a viable option for viewing major sporting events with a collection of 6 50-inch HD televisions.

LATIN QUARTER- No Spanish speaking requirements needed to experience a Latin club. Every Thursday through Saturday, Latin Quarter turns into Orlando’s most popular Latin club. Visitors from all over the world flock to Orlando’s Universal CityWalk venue to show off their best salsa and merengue dance moves — and to bear witness to the impressive spectacle on the Latin Quarter patio. Fueled by top salsa and reggaeton music, the dancing routinely goes all night long, alongside a full-service bar that lets patrons refresh with tasty Latin-inspired drinks including  mojitos, sangria and daiquiris


LUX- Lux for Luxury. Today we are living in a day when we text LOL and LMAO, so Luxury bar made it easy by calling their bar LUX. Lux lives up to its name by providing a swanky nightclub experience fully equipped with live DJs, VIP tables and bottle service. Equal parts dance club and ultra-lounge, Lux accommodates people who want to dance the night away or just sit back and pop bottles. It’s not uncommon for club promoters to plan specialty nights, including white parties for LGBT communities, bottles and bikini parties, as well as the very popular Carnival-style soca raves. orlando-nightclubs-lux_196x147

enjoy the night life while staying in Orlando, drink responsibly, and please do not drink and drive. Please arrange a taxi, car service or a limo in advance for any and all of your nightlife in Orlando.

Lux Night Club

Condo Hotel Investment in Orlando Florida

A condo hotel investment is one way where one can  own vacation property and break even or make money as opposed to incurring fixed costs of owning a vacant property. Condo hotels are becoming pretty popular in Orlando in recent years.  Orlando has become a top vacation spot in Florida and demand for rentals has risen. With a condo hotel, you will get more money for rentals than you would with many other types of property and can easily be managed by the onsite management.

Condo hotel units are larger in Orlando than the condos in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The reasons being they are less expensive per square foot here than in south Florida. In Orlando, prices are between four hundred and seven hundred dollars per square foot. In south Florida, this price jumps to between one thousand and two thousand per square foot.

How a Condo Hotel Investment Works

Condo hotels are rise  luxury hotel properties. These properties are partial hotel and partially owned. These hotel condos are usually managed  by large hotel companies, such as Hilton, Trump, Hyatt or Four Seasons. They offer the amenities and services that are typical of five star hotels. Most have spas, pools, fine dining, laundry service and room service.

By purchasing the condo, it available for personal vacation use when you want to vacation in Orlando. The condo hotel also offers  a rental program which is managed by the onsite management. This management  is responsible for renting through various marketing third party sites, and they are responsible for maintenance and cleaning.  The management takes 30% of revenue as management fee, deducting all cleaning, maintenance fees and property taxes and depositing the difference in the owners account. There are terms and conditions which vary between management and it should be checked to get the best deal.

The best deals can be found prior to the beginning of construction and in the very early stages of construction. After this phase, the cost of ownership increases dramatically. Some tend to sell out fast, so you need to get in early to get the best price and be sure to get a space in the hotel of your choice. This is especially true in areas with a high rate of tourism, such as Orlando and other large cities in Florida.

Who Pays What in a Condo Hotel Investment?

There are a variety of expenses involved in a condo hotel. Some of these fees are paid by the owner and others are paid by the operator of the hotel. The owner pays all the taxes and insurance on the unit. Any improvements that are needed, or wanted in the unit are the responsibility of the owner as well. If you need new tile in the bathroom, you will be responsible for paying the bill for the installation.

The operator pays the operating expenses of the hotel. This includes all administrative costs and marketing, such as advertising the units for rental. In addition, the costs incurred for housekeeping are paid by the operator. This includes the salary of the cleaning personnel, supplies and other equipment needed to keep the hotel in good condition.

When you purchase the property, you will need to sign an owner’s agreement. This should stipulate the amount of money you get and the company gets for rental on the condo. The agreement should spell out when you plan to use your condo. How much time will you be staying there? If you want to add more time, how much notice do you need to give the company? This is important because if the unit is already rented, you may not be able to stay there.

Luxury High End Suits

i4 Orlando Executive Limousine is shedding spotlight onto high end luxury suits for business travelers, money managers, luxury car dealers and anyone doing business with affluent clientele.  i4 Orlando Executive Limousine is your concierge research- we do not want to leave our clients and readers clueless on the topic of luxury high end suits.

Here are a list of interesting articles about high end luxury suits.

Luxury Watch Brands

Almost every business traveler and executive needs to keep accurate time of their busy schedules. Our goal at i4 Orlando Executive Limousine Service is to provide our corporate travelers on time performance executive Car service throughout Central Florida and Nationwide through our national affiliate network. However that is only possible if those busy executives keep track of time accurately. So here are some articles of fine high end watches from i4 Orlando Executive Limousine Service.