How much is Marco Rubio paid as an Uber spokes person?

Florida State Senator Marco Rubio has stepped up efforts in representation for Uber, by making special trips to Washington, lobbying on behalf of Uber. How can Marco Rubio represent Uber considering that this rogue app has so many legal issues that require a resolve? Is Marco Rubio paid for lobbying on behalf of Uber? It makes no sense, how he can lobby for them knowing all the legal issues surrounding Uber.

Uber is a transportation broker, which does not own or operate, nor do they have any control on the vehicles that participate on their mobile app network.  Here are list of issues and loopholes that Uber should resolve prior to having Rubio speak on their behalf.

  1. Uber should end any and all price gouging practices- which they refer to surge pricing- and ensure users ethical business standards
  2. hire only drivers who pass a thorough criminal back round check- ensure rider safety
  3. routinely conduct drug tests on the drivers- ensure public safety
  4. inspect all cars operating on their network via an authorized and licensed  repair facility not visual inspections- ensure public safety
  5. Uber should not use the privately licensed vehicles to conduct point to point taxi services -UberX cars are not insured and licensed and registered as taxi or for hire car services
  6. Uber should resolve amicably  on outstanding lawsuits in San Francisco and Boston brought on by their former drivers who were cheated out of tips.
  7. Uber should apply for central dispatch base licenses in any municipality it wants to operate.
  8. Uber should NOT apply for central dispatch base licenses other than the name Uber Technologies. For example in New York City, they have held for hire vehicle base licenses under the names “Weitter LLC”,  “Schmeker LLC”, “Unter LLC”- this is one legal way of bypassing legal liability.
  9. Uber should carry liability insurance under their name ” Uber Technologies Inc”, not Raiser
  10. Uber should carry an insurance liability other than the insurance which is based in Bermuda and has offshore bank accounts and backed by Goldman Sachs, which has funded Uber.
  11. Uber should also settle the outstanding lawsuit against it for killing a 6 year old on New Years Eve in San Francisco, and injury others.
  12. Uber should not advertise as a taxi service if it is operating itself as a car service or a luxury limousine service.
  13. End  practice of sabotaging competitors mobile car hailing apps, ( as it has done in NYC with Gett)

Uber has other legal issues that it must resolve in Canada, France, China, and many US cities.

So the question is, how much money is Marco Rubio being paid to be the official Uber spokes person? After all, when examining Marco Rubio’s personal history of  using state credit card for personal expenses, having close ties with financial thugs. In addition, Rubio’s false claims about his families emigrating to US during Fidel Castro, whereas the records indicate that his family came 2 years prior to Castro taking over Cuba begin to raise an eyebrow on Marco Rubio.

The big question is Marco Rubio, how much money are you being paid when everyone knowing the legal issues surrounding Uber Technologies?



thatUber has encountered  criminal drivers, bypassing taxi licensing and regulations, and even not having insurance. Most recently, Uber claimed to have purchased A MILLION dollar insurance liability but withheld it’s so called liability insurance from public, until it was leaked. The

Hottest Night clubs in Orlando Florida

When one is  seeking nightlife in the sunshine state of Florida, there is our perception that  we must nightclub in Miami. Well to some extent there is some truth to this- but this does not mean that there is no Night clubs in Orlando. Orlando comes alive at night as well. If you’re in town for a meeting, you do not want to travel far, then hit Orlando’s nightclub scene, Visit these Orange County Convention Center-area clubs to experience a taste of Orlando’s exciting nightlife.

ICEBAR Here is the perfect solution for those who are overheated, ICEBAR is the largest permanent bar made of ice in the world. Fifty tons of carved ice, including ice seats and ice sculptures, create a makeshift Arctic wonderland that doubles as a vodka lover’s paradise. With the bar’s temperature fixed at a bone-chilling 27 degrees, guests are advised to visit the bar in 45-minute intervals, and are outfitted with thermal jackets and scarves before entering. If accomplishing something other than frostbite in those 45 minutes is your goal, try one of ICEBAR’s Penguin Pizz drinks — a creative, ever-changing    orlando-nightclubs-icebar_196x147

FIRE LOUNGE- Fire lounge is the bar when we are done with the winter experience at ICEBAR.

Fire Lounge is one of the Orlando area’s hottest nightclubs, with DJ Sher Khan spinning tunes to keep people partying till the wee hours of the night. Along with its colorful light show, Fire Lounge offers a full-service bar, VIP areas and bottle service.



Backstage Night Club and Sports Barorlando-nightclubs-backstage_196x147Hidden back there in the Rosen Plaza Hotel, Backstage NightClub is a high energy nightclub with Live music and the finest Orlando Theme nights. The parties range from he 70’s, 80’s, ladies night, and so much more. Backstage has something going on 7 nights a week. Featuring nightly drink specials, bottle service and VIP areas, the versatile club attracts a hip crowd of both locals and tourists. The venue also doubles as a viable option for viewing major sporting events with a collection of 6 50-inch HD televisions.

LATIN QUARTER- No Spanish speaking requirements needed to experience a Latin club. Every Thursday through Saturday, Latin Quarter turns into Orlando’s most popular Latin club. Visitors from all over the world flock to Orlando’s Universal CityWalk venue to show off their best salsa and merengue dance moves — and to bear witness to the impressive spectacle on the Latin Quarter patio. Fueled by top salsa and reggaeton music, the dancing routinely goes all night long, alongside a full-service bar that lets patrons refresh with tasty Latin-inspired drinks including  mojitos, sangria and daiquiris


LUX- Lux for Luxury. Today we are living in a day when we text LOL and LMAO, so Luxury bar made it easy by calling their bar LUX. Lux lives up to its name by providing a swanky nightclub experience fully equipped with live DJs, VIP tables and bottle service. Equal parts dance club and ultra-lounge, Lux accommodates people who want to dance the night away or just sit back and pop bottles. It’s not uncommon for club promoters to plan specialty nights, including white parties for LGBT communities, bottles and bikini parties, as well as the very popular Carnival-style soca raves. orlando-nightclubs-lux_196x147

enjoy the night life while staying in Orlando, drink responsibly, and please do not drink and drive. Please arrange a taxi, car service or a limo in advance for any and all of your nightlife in Orlando.

Lux Night Club

Florida Limo Service Operators seeing more revenue growth

ORLANDO, Fla. — Besides California and Nevada, no other state took the recession harder than Florida. It was a Ground Zero for the mortgage bubble collapse, which burst across the state.

Although the slump officially ended in June 2009, the recovery has been slow and bumpy for the Florida limo service operators. Today, all indicators are turning positive for the future of the chauffeured transportation industry.
During a January visit to Florida operators and industry suppliers in the Tampa Bay area, Orlando, Ft. Myers and Miami, the mood was upbeat as business has increased statewide. Of course, not all operators are smiling — especially some small-fleet companies that grind it out every day for tight profit margins, but generally the business for 2014 and beyond is healthy, interviewees say.

In addition to a general uptick in the state’s economy, other contributing factors spurring growth for private transportation operators include increases in tourism, conventions (slightly), airport expansion, corporate business and farm-out business.

Orlando, the biggest region for tourism, has had three straight record years, welcoming more than 57 million visitors in 2013. It has been cited as one of the fastest growing cities in the country, now topping two million residents. The Miami region is recovering as high-end visitors from South America, Russia and Europe don’t blink at $1,000 per night luxury hotels and some rent penthouse suites, such as one at The Setai, that costs a mere $32,000 — per night. Further north, the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is undergoing a $2.3-billion expansion, which will better compete against the bustling Miami International Airport.

On the flip side, Florida operators also are paying more for airport fees and fuel. A surge in insurance costs is a common topic of concern coupled with the state’s recent stepped up enforcement — and fines — on operators who are not DOT compliant.

to read the entire article on LCT Magazine: click here



Condo Hotel Investment in Orlando Florida

A condo hotel investment is one way where one can  own vacation property and break even or make money as opposed to incurring fixed costs of owning a vacant property. Condo hotels are becoming pretty popular in Orlando in recent years.  Orlando has become a top vacation spot in Florida and demand for rentals has risen. With a condo hotel, you will get more money for rentals than you would with many other types of property and can easily be managed by the onsite management.

Condo hotel units are larger in Orlando than the condos in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The reasons being they are less expensive per square foot here than in south Florida. In Orlando, prices are between four hundred and seven hundred dollars per square foot. In south Florida, this price jumps to between one thousand and two thousand per square foot.

How a Condo Hotel Investment Works

Condo hotels are rise  luxury hotel properties. These properties are partial hotel and partially owned. These hotel condos are usually managed  by large hotel companies, such as Hilton, Trump, Hyatt or Four Seasons. They offer the amenities and services that are typical of five star hotels. Most have spas, pools, fine dining, laundry service and room service.

By purchasing the condo, it available for personal vacation use when you want to vacation in Orlando. The condo hotel also offers  a rental program which is managed by the onsite management. This management  is responsible for renting through various marketing third party sites, and they are responsible for maintenance and cleaning.  The management takes 30% of revenue as management fee, deducting all cleaning, maintenance fees and property taxes and depositing the difference in the owners account. There are terms and conditions which vary between management and it should be checked to get the best deal.

The best deals can be found prior to the beginning of construction and in the very early stages of construction. After this phase, the cost of ownership increases dramatically. Some tend to sell out fast, so you need to get in early to get the best price and be sure to get a space in the hotel of your choice. This is especially true in areas with a high rate of tourism, such as Orlando and other large cities in Florida.

Who Pays What in a Condo Hotel Investment?

There are a variety of expenses involved in a condo hotel. Some of these fees are paid by the owner and others are paid by the operator of the hotel. The owner pays all the taxes and insurance on the unit. Any improvements that are needed, or wanted in the unit are the responsibility of the owner as well. If you need new tile in the bathroom, you will be responsible for paying the bill for the installation.

The operator pays the operating expenses of the hotel. This includes all administrative costs and marketing, such as advertising the units for rental. In addition, the costs incurred for housekeeping are paid by the operator. This includes the salary of the cleaning personnel, supplies and other equipment needed to keep the hotel in good condition.

When you purchase the property, you will need to sign an owner’s agreement. This should stipulate the amount of money you get and the company gets for rental on the condo. The agreement should spell out when you plan to use your condo. How much time will you be staying there? If you want to add more time, how much notice do you need to give the company? This is important because if the unit is already rented, you may not be able to stay there.

Police Not responding to Motor Vehicle Accidents- New Trend

Start Of A Trend?

New York City, and Las Vegas have become the latest city to determine that, unless there are injuries or fatalities involved, its police department will not respond to the scene of a vehicular accident. So, there won’t be any police investigations or written reports on property-damage-only accidents. As of March 3, 2014 in Las Vegas, it became the responsibility of those involved in the collision to make sure that identification and insurance information is exchanged and that the incident is reported to the authorities. The decision follows other cities that have enacted similar policies, including San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, and it could start trending across the country.

Police Priorities The overriding reason for this change of policy is that the police claim they don’t have the time to deal with these incidents any longer. Police estimate that every week, they spend 55% of their time – 250 hours – on these “fender-benders” and they have many more pressing matters to deal with. One issue they are addressing is the case in which one of the parties involved refuses to exchange information or if one party leaves the scene of the accident. In the first instance, the police can be called to respond, and, in the second, leaving the scene constitutes a “hit-and-run” accident which the police will continue to cover in person. They will also continue to respond to instances of drunk driving. Those opposed to the new rule are concerned that it makes it more difficult for motorists to determine and agree on who’s at fault, what needs to be reported to what agencies and how to properly determine insurance issues. The Nevada Insurance Council already called the move a “poorly executed plan” that could lead to safety problems and higher insurance costs.

Fear of Fraud Any crash, especially one in which police are not on scene, can also open the door to fraud, because it’s one person’s word against the other. This is why it is of the utmost importance to document the scene carefully and as soon as possible. Take photos, including close-ups of all damaged areas of each vehicle, and of the general scene from all angles. Get witness information from anyone who may have been at the scene, including your passengers, and document the number of occupants who might have been in any other involved vehicles. As soon as you can, call your insurance company to report the incident and what you have done to document the scene. It makes sense to perform all these steps whether you’re in a location where police respond or not. Las Vegas has published a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Property Damage Only Traffic Accidents, which gives some precise information on what is expected to accurately document a scene. And, even if you are nowhere near Las Vegas, there are areas of the country that have implemented this same policy, and many more are likely to follow as police budgets continue to tighten.

Top 10 Golf Courses in Orlando and Central Florida

Can we say that Tiger Woods’ favorite course in Orlando: Bay Hill, where he’ll go for his 8th Arnold Palmer Invitational victory in 2013?

Our research shows that’s golfer ratings on the best golf courses around central Florida as rated by the players who pay to play them.

The GolfNow Local Leaderboard: Top 10 Courses in Central Florida

1. Bella Collina Country Club (4.69/5.0): Central Florida golfers are flocking to Bella Collina, a once private facility that now offers some public play at their facility. most reviews make note of a clubhouse rich in opulence, plus a golf course in pristine shape — but tough with loads of sand.

2. Ritz-Carlton Golf Club Grande Lakes (4.62/5.0): Checking in at a close second is Ritz-Carlton Golf Club Grande Lakes, which has one of the most high-end resort experiences in town. Rex Hoggard recently visited the resort.

3. Stone Creek Golf Club (4.62/5.0): Up in Ocala horse country just north of Orlando, Stone Creek earns praise for a fair course design, great conditions and tremendous value.

4. Candler Hills Golf & Country Club (4.59/5.0): Another Ocala-area layout, Candler Hills has earned a reputation for pristine playing conditions, particularly on the course’s enormous greens.

5. Waldorf Astoria Golf Club (4.57/5.0): More proof that the highest-end Orlando-area clubs appear to be hitting the mark with their guests, Waldorf Astoria Golf Club near Disney World earns the 5th spot on GolfNow Top 10, thanks to stellar service and playing conditions.

6. Juliette Falls (4.56/5.0): Orlando-area golfers are stampeding north to Ocala horse country and this relatively new course that opened in 2008. View photos of Juliette Falls

7. North, South East at Grand Cypress (4.56/5.0): Another top course near the theme parks is this 27-hole facility designed by Jack Nicklaus. Raters appreciate the location near Disney and also a stern Nicklaus-worthy test.

8. Deer Island Golf & Lake Club (4.55/5.0): A peaceful setting loaded with wildlife is what attracts golfers northwest of Orlando to Deer Island.

9. El Campeon at Mission Hills Resort (4.54/5.0): Head for the hills to play this 1920s classic in Howey in the Hills, located just northwest of Orlando. Rolling fairways and Golden Era architecture accentuate the peaceful vibe of this shady resort that’s far removed from the tourist bustle just south on the Turnpike. More on El Campeon.

10. Eagle Creek Golf Club (4.47/5.0): This Orlando Airport-area course prides itself on great service and greens, and appears to be delivering. It’s one of the most-reviewed courses in the area, and golfers are mostly flush with praise for this Scottish-inspired layout with big, sweeping greens and firm, fast conditions.

Improve Business travel by reducing and eliminating lost luggage

Improve Business Travel by Reducing costs by Eliminating Lost Luggage

We all know the horrors of losing luggage for corporate and business travel is an endless  nightmare. Losing luggage can delay our travel experience and can increase waiting time charges when a car and limo service has to wait for an additional hour or two as standing in line at airport counter. In addition, if items missing in a luggage can delay, cancel appointments with very important clients. We at i4 Orland Executive Limousine Service would like to share some ways to reduce and or entirely eliminate such problems.

  1. Put ID Luggage tags marked: the luggage tags should contain Name, address, & Telephone number (ideally your mobile phone#. Use the outer tag holder so you can check it quickly. It is also a good idea to put a piece of paper on the inside with the same information. In case the outer tag gets torn off, airport personal can still find out who it belongs to.
  2. Place a copy of itinerary inside luggage- If you do part ways with your luggage, this will make it easier for the airline to find you. The faster they find you, the faster they will get the bags to you.
  3. Use a UNIQUE luggage identifier- Use any UNIQUE identifier which distinguishes your UNIQUE luggage from all other bags. Example- Place a purple or lime green colored coded zip tie or shoe lace on your luggage. This sounds bizarre but guess what- if it looks odd, it must be mine. Easy to spot luggage on baggage carousel and easy for someone not to pickup your bag accidentally. One can even spray paint strip on side of luggage.
  4. Take a photo of your luggage onto your mobile phone, or any handheld electronic device- After you have zipped up your bag, take a quick snap shot of your bag so if it is missing, you can provide an image of your luggage so it may be useful in tracking lost luggage.
  5. Protect your luggage contents with zip-top bags
    From the “avoiding messy disasters” department, take some measures to protect your luggage contents. Buy some zip-top bags in 2 sizes; 1 gallon and 1 quart. You’ll need the 1 quart size for your 3-1-1 carry-on rule (3 oz liquid containers, 1 quart zip bag, 1 bag per traveler), but you can also use them for packing along with the larger 1 gallon size. There are 2 strategies here: seal the liquids in plastic bags, or protect your clothing with plastic bags. Some travelers like doing both, especially when the baggage inspectors need to look through your underwear
  6. Buy sturdy, high-quality luggage with a warranty When shopping for luggage, overestimate the amount you will use it and spend some extra money on a quality bag. Some people figure they only travel one or two times a year, but investing in a good bag now is a smart buy for years and years.Buy a good, sturdy, well rated piece that will be versatile and long lasting. Get an idea for how much you tend to pack, and look for a bag that will accommodate this. Bag size is rated on a cubic-inch basis, but shape and construction also matter. For example: a 2500 cubic inch duffel bag and a 2500 cubic inch roll-aboard hold the same amount, the the hard sides of the roll-aboard might make packing a little trickier. Many bags have expanding compartments that allow for extra versatility.

    Look for luggage companies that have great warranties for construction, zippers, wheels, etc. A well known, reputable luggage company will have a good warranty

  7. Replace worn or damaged luggage
    Even great quality bags eventually wear out. When your bag starts wearing, fabric might tear and open, zippers could fail, or handles could be ripped off. If your bags are in the million mile club, it might be time to upgrade
  8. Use bags with pocket-style tag holders There are 2 types of luggage tag holders. One is an actual tag itself, usually leather or plastic. You slip your written information inside of this holder and attach it to the bag handle. This type will easily be ripped off, leaving your luggage without any exterior identification.The better style of luggage tag lies flat against the bag itself, like a pocket. You write your information down and slip it inside, where it is much more protected. Use a bag with this style of tag.
  9.  Buy TSA-approved locks All checked baggage is subject to inspection, and if you are using a regular luggage lock you might find it cut off when you reach your destination. They will place the broken lock in your bag with an informational card explaining that your bag was chosen for inspection, and they needed to remove the lock off with bolt cutters.To avoid replacing your lock every time you fly, invest in a TSA approved luggage lock. The TSA has a “skeleton key” for these approved locks, and can simply unlock it instead of breaking it off. Here are some funky ones and some locks and general travel accessories.
  10. Ship your bags to your destination This is a growing trend with travelers seeking hassle-free adventures. There are several companies that specialize in baggage shipping. They will pick it up, take care of transport, and have your bags waiting at your destination.They charge a modest fee for this; but what do you get for your money? 1) You save time and aggravation by skipping the baggage check lines, 2) With many airlines charging for everything these days, you can potentially skip extra baggage fees, porter tips, and 3) There is less risk of losing your bags.

    One company doing this is Luggage Froward; another is The Luggage Club

  11. Arrive on time and check in luggage early– Most luggage is lost when people arrive late and attempt to check luggage in last minute. So it is critical to arrive at airport early to check luggage.
  12.  Don’t check items that shouldn’t be checked
    Make sure you are checking bags that are sturdy enough for the airline luggage handling system. No trash bags with half a roll of duct tape, crushed boxes tied with string, or shopping bags with the top stapled shut. If you expect your checked items to make it through the system, be smart and check the right bags.
  13. Don’t check a broken bag
    If your bag has broken wheels, straps, zippers, handles, latches, or locks, there is a greater chance of getting stuck and torn apart in transit to the plane. Picture this: You settle into your seat and start thumbing through Sky-Mall, just in time to look out the window and spot your thong collection leading back to the hanger like a trail of erotic breadcrumbs.
  14. Don’t check bags that should be carry-ons
    Some bags are meant to be checked, some aren’t. Small bags, laptop bags, briefcases, plastic garment bags, and even the ubiquitous promotional swag bag are not meant to be checked.
  15. Verify your bags are checked all the way through to your destination
    On connecting flights, make sure the agent checks your bags all the way through to your final destination. This should be done anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to double check and make sure your bags don’t stay behind in your connecting city.
  16. Avoid expensive looking luggage
    I know you’re in love with it, but the Gucci luggage set screams “Take me, open me, I’m full of good stuff!”.
  17. When exiting a car service, taxi, or limo upon arriving at airport- be sure to take your property- We at i4 Orlando Executive Limousine Service always remind all our passengers to recheck back seats for mobile phone, or devices and remind them about luggage. We find that sometimes passengers and drivers can get in interesting conversations and can forget or leave property behind back seat or trunk. This is why it is important to exit vehicle with care, caution and double inspection of luggage and property.

We at i4 Orlando Executive Limousine Service written this article to make all corporate and business travelers airport travel convenient and comfortable.

Good planning and strategy can make your corporate executive business travel easy

Luxury High End Suits

i4 Orlando Executive Limousine is shedding spotlight onto high end luxury suits for business travelers, money managers, luxury car dealers and anyone doing business with affluent clientele.  i4 Orlando Executive Limousine is your concierge research- we do not want to leave our clients and readers clueless on the topic of luxury high end suits.

Here are a list of interesting articles about high end luxury suits.

Luxury Watch Brands

Almost every business traveler and executive needs to keep accurate time of their busy schedules. Our goal at i4 Orlando Executive Limousine Service is to provide our corporate travelers on time performance executive Car service throughout Central Florida and Nationwide through our national affiliate network. However that is only possible if those busy executives keep track of time accurately. So here are some articles of fine high end watches from i4 Orlando Executive Limousine Service.

Business Travel articles selected by i4 Orlando Executive Travel Desk

Business Travel articles selected by i4 Orlando Executive Travel Desk

We at i4 Orlando Executive Limousine Service want to enhance your business travel with selected articles which can give hints about new products and new services and tip and tricks.