Uber Review NYC are less than 3 stars despite self written Uber reviews

Uber Review NYC are less than 3 stars despite self written Uber Reviews

Despite Uber’s hundreds of self written reviews, and positive paid press releases, Uber cannot  rank higher than 3.0 star ratings. With all of the combined reviews on Yelp and other web directories, Uber can not  obtain an average rating greater than 3.0. While some of the positive reviews may be helpful, but there are too many positive reviews which are more of self written promotional Uber ads. These self promos all have one thing in common.

All of these positive 5 star reviews suggest the same thing, and all offer a $20.00 promotional code within the review. Examples of similarity are, how Uber is better and cheaper than taxis, or the exceptional driver experiences about Uber drivers and how Uber drivers offer in car amenities. Towards the end, they all have $20.00 sign up promo codes.  So these reviews seem to be questionable, however they do help boost the average rating for Uber. Then there are negative reviews written on Uber.

Some of these negative reviews are funny, but most of these negative reviews are unique from one another and they present legitimate concerns. For example,  negative reviews address Uber drivers lack of experience, price gouging,  drivers canceling rides causing  consumers to be stranded and or late, shady drivers taking longer routes, sexual harassment, and other issues.  Lets start by examining three positive and three negative reviews extracted from Yelp’s online directory in the NY section.


  1. Uber is an awesome car service. Such a GREAT concept. Nice drivers and clean cars and it’s half the price of a cab. They pick you up quickly. I will never call a yellow cab again! Download the app and use promo code UEU5B for $20 in FREE ride credits for new sign-ups. Wriiten by Steve B on March 29th 2014Yelp NY

  2. solid. just saved either 20 or 30 bucks by taking this from the airport. also – use the promo code “kiqne” gives u 20 bucks off the first ride. Thx written by Jake S. On March 28th 2014-Yelp-NY

  3. I would HIGHLY recommend Uber, above all other car services to people of ANY financial background. Uber gives three options: UberX (cheapest normal cars), black (luxury), and luxury SUV. They don’t just cater to young people–they cater to anybody. The greatest parts of Uber: 1. Free drinks in the car many times 2. All transactions are electronic 3. You can track where your ride is coming from with an estimated time arrival via the application’s GPS 4. Tip is optional 5. You can get $20 FOR FREE just by signing up now! Once you try it you’ll know what I’m talking about. Just register and leave the $20 for when you’ll need it, because the credits stay in your account whether you download the application or not. Here is the $20 promotion code: uber.com/invite/95qda

NEGATIVE REVIEWS: (2 star and below- Yelp does not allow reviews less than 1 star)

  1. I was a huge fan of Uber for quite some time but the recent quality of drivers, ridiculous surge pricing and decline in overall customer service has changed my mind. After a particularly terrible experience this morning, I have deleted the app and will not give them one more cent of my money. Written by Amber B. On March 13th 2014Yelp NY

  2. Uber totally sucks!! Don’t depend on their customer support team if you’re in an urgent situation and something goes wrong. I’ve been stranded for FOUR hours and I haven’t received an email reply addressing my inability to request a ride through the app. They could care less about their customers and don’t respond in a “timely fashion” as they promise they would. It’s almost the end of the business day and Im still stuck outside waiting in the cold

    written by Chris P. On February 12th 2014Yelp NY

  3. I took a taxi ride home on a Saturday night, but not particularly late (just past midnight). I selected to be picked up through the UberX program, which is allegedly the least expensive option. I took my taxi just over 4 miles to my home and was appalled to see that $48 had been taken from my card (on automatic payment with Uber’s program) to pay for the ride. This struck me as an absurd amount of money, particularly after having made the same journey several times before, and thus expecting a total of $15-$17.
    The receipt detailed this to be due to a 3.75 surge charge, of which I was NOT notified before or upon entering the cab. Had I known this surge charge would exist, I would have taken literally any other mode of transportation home. What could possibly be the reason to charge an unknown customer 3.75 times the normal fare for a 4 mile journey? It wasn’t Halloween. It wasn’t raining or snowing. It wasn’t 3 in the morning. It wasn’t New Years Eve.
    When I filed a complaint with Uber (over email, as they do not care enough about their customer service to invest in a phone line), it took several tries for them to respond. When they did, it took much arguing to convince them to reduce the rate. Even still, they only reduced the rate by 20%, bringing my total to $38, which is still over DOUBLE the normal amount.
    Uber has proven themselves to be dishonest and to have poor customer service. I will never make the mistake of using this service again and neither should you.

    Written by Melodie P. On December 17th 2013NY Yelp


We have been examining Uber’s ratings since 2011 to better understand Uber’s business model. Over the years, we have discovered the  positive reviews were very common and are more an advert for Uber, whereas the negative reviews present legitimate concerns. Despite the 5 star reviews written by Uber, the average rating for Uber has been between 2.5 and 3.5 on a given month. I find more troubling is when Uber claiming that any one of  their drivers who fall below 4.6 out of a perfect 5.0  are deactivated from their driver network.  If this were to be true, why are people posting negative reviews  and about their poor experiences? Why are these negative reviews found in NY,  San Francisco, Austin TX and so many other city searches on Yelp and other online directories? Are all of these people difficult or high maintenance in all of these cities?